Between classes, sports, clubs, volunteer opportunities, family commitments and plans with friends, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything that needs to get done. Over the next few posts, we will be sharing our Top 5 Tips for Staying Organized to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.


3. Everything in its place. This is a tough one for a lot of students. Handouts make their way around the classroom just as the bell rings, so rather than taking the extra 10 seconds to place the handout neatly in a folder, you fold it in half and stick it inside your textbook or shove it in your backpack, thinking, “I’ll put it away later.” Where is that handout now? Crumpled at the bottom of your backpack, now barely even legible,  still waiting to be put in a folder? I don’t mean to sound like your mom, but putting things away now instead of later will make a world of difference. When it comes time to study for a test or finish an assignment, you won’t have to waste time digging around trying to find those papers that you need and can get right to work. With everything put away neatly where it belongs, you’ll set yourself up for success.