Between classes, sports, clubs, volunteer opportunities, family commitments and plans with friends, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything that needs to get done. Over the next few posts, we will be sharing our Top 5 Tips for Staying Organized to help you feel less overwhelmed and in control.


5. Use color. Sorting things by color is one of the most effective ways to stay organized. The eyes can recognize colors faster than they can read, so organizing by color is both efficient and pretty! When I was in school (even in law school!) I had a matching notebook and folder that was color coordinated with the textbook for each class. You don’t have to go that far, but it did make staying organized so easy. Try having a different colored folder or notebook for each subject. After using them for a few days, you’ll automatically know which color means which subject and you’ll be able to grab the right one on your way to class without even thinking about it. Another effective use of color is to utilize it in your planner or whatever method you use to keep track of your assignments and responsibilities. You might consider using highlighters or colored ink to separate assignments by class or due date or level of importance. Just as you highlight the important parts in your textbook, your eyes will be able to distinguish the colors before the words, alerting your mind to the meaning behind the color. For example, blue means math, red means science, and green means English, or blue means it needs to be done today, yellow means it needs to be done this week, and purple means it needs to be done this month.